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Financial Analyst Training

"Can we quote you on that earnings projection?"

One of the most important challenges to CEOs and CFOs is to convince financial analysts about the worthiness of their companies and the reliability of their business strategies. Regardless of the size of the firm or the volume of the investment, the objective is the same: show analysts why they should believe in and recommend the stock.

Analysts want answers that are thorough and demonstrate the quality of management thinking. Some executives have a command of the facts, but they don't project the assured, spirited image that generates confidence in the analyst.

Kell & Associates will help you prepare for what can be the most valuable meetings of your business life—in the context of sincerity, honesty, candor, and leadership.

Analysts ask tough questions, especially during “road shows.” Dynamic, convincing, powerful and entertaining presentations are what help your company image. Leaders need to know not only how to present, but also how to answer (or not answer) direct questions from sharp analysts whose job it is to know each and every aspect of your company. To get the best offering price, CEOs and CFOs must give power presentations that project self confidence, so investors will have confidence in your company.

Preparing for the “road show” means really committing to serious preparation. We customize our training program to address the specific needs of each company. CEOs, CFOs and others go through coaching sessions, both individually and as members of an IPO team.

Through our coaching sessions, you will learn to:

  • Articulate in a clear, concise manner the details of the strategy, using body language and eye contact appropriately
  • Speak simply, but effectively, and not use confusing jargon
  • Use the opportunity to position your company in the way that you want to be seen by analysts and the news media
  • Stay sharp during long road show presentations, so that the first speech is as fresh as the one given three weeks later