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How We Will Train You

We believe that participatory discussion between you and our experts is the best way to prepare you for any situation. We provide many opportunities for you to be on camera, then review the results together. We put you in a variety of formats—a news conference, a print interview, or making a speech before a small but important audience on Wall Street. We critique honestly but with sensitivity--we know you're learning, and it is not easy.

Many people thrust into situations like these will be made to sweat—literally and figuratively. We create scenarios where you experience this in the privacy of our studio first, so you can excel when you do it in public. It is our job to prepare you to be at your best every time an opportunity arises. We will:

  • Examine your body language when you are interviewing or giving a speech, and suggest time-tested techniques to strengthen it.
  • Find the best way for you to dress for TV, and how best to do your makeup.
  • Tell you if what you are saying appears to be equivocating, and help you massage it to be more definitive. Or, if you need to be on the fence, be there with finesse!
  • Teach you to avoid any tendency to fidget and avert your eyes, stop smiling and nodding when you don’t mean to, so you don’t indicate things subliminally.

We’ll get you ready to meet the media for a “sound-bite” interview in which you will be shot close-up and asked rapid fire questions. You may be coached to do “live,” on-site TV remotes during crises. You could be videotaped doing, for example, a Financial Times interview. Other formats may include testifying before a local town commission, speaking at an annual meeting, or convincing global markets that your organization is strong.

The objective of training is for you to see yourself “as others see you.” You must be ready for anything. With our help, you will be.