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Message Training

"Delivering messages properly isn't an option, it is mandatory for today's business leader."

Kell and Associates offers strategic message development to clients seeking to maximize their communication in today’s “all news, all the time” climate. The Kell team will collaborate with your communications and other key executives to hone in on your upcoming issues. The fruits of this message development will be used as an essential “road map” for your organization to guide you through both good and troubled times.

Develop Convincing Messages

We will explore and design key messages which will resonate with reporters and other audiences. Highlights are:

  • Brainstorming to create your key messages.
  • Identification of the primary messages and sub-points to targeted audiences: media, businesses, Congress, policy makers, investors, and potential clients.

Refine Your Messages

Kell and Associates will facilitate meetings to develop key messages. The messages produced from this session will address general and/or specific issues, depending on the unique needs of each organization.

Evaluate Your Messages

We will test these messages in the media training to assess their effectiveness.