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Speech & Presentation Training

“And now, to speak on this topic in greater detail, please welcome..."

Nervous? Palms sweating yet? How many faces do you see staring at you right now? Does fleeing the country seem a reasonable option?

Most of us can recall just a few really good speakers—and many dull ones—though of course we are far less likely to remember those at all. In most cases, the difference is training, practice, and experience. After working with us you will become confident, not only in your knowledge, but also in your words and style. You will master the topic, manage the audience, and lead the presentation.

Whether you are addressing an audience of colleagues, employees, shareholders, members, contributors, voters, or graduates, we will counsel you on how to inform, report, refute, encourage, inspire, build support, or offer congratulations. In short, we help you master the art of public speaking and turn an ordeal into a triumph.

We will train you working one-on-one or in small groups, offer helpful advice on delivery techniques, and help you craft your speech. From the opening greeting to the closing line, we will go over the details and help you polish your presentation and make it your own. From learning the best techniques for speech-giving in general and discerning your unique strengths in particular, you’ll be more confident than ever. Giving a speech will become energizing instead of distressing.

Through our coaching sessions, you will learn to:

  • Deliver dynamic, attention-getting speeches, from text or notes
  • Develop your own delivery style that makes the most of your personal strengths and characteristics
  • Know when visual aids will strengthen your presentation and how to develop and use them
  • Structure (or restructure) your speech for maximum impact
  • Respond to questions in a manner consistent with your presentation
  • Make any nervous energy you may have work for, not against, you
  • Understand what your body language and facial expressions are saying to an audience, and control and use movement to best
convey your messages. Achieve your goals and "sell" your messages so that you get what you want.

After our training and when you start speaking outside our “laboratory,” you will be remembered for your dynamic, convincing and effective communication in meetings, speeches and presentations!