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What We Do

Kell & Associates' approach to training focuses on message and audience identification as well as skills development. Whether the training relates to media, speech, presentation, testimony, blogging, or advocacy, we will help you test the most dynamic message, then devise techniques to communicate clearly, vividly and creatively with your target audience.

Creating your message

To make the most of your moment in the spotlight, you will need to present it with clarity, appropriate body language and good eye contact. Organizing what you are going to say ahead of time, delivering your message confidently, and winning over your audience: these are the keys to success.

… and making sure it is heard and understood…

Delivering an important message is not enough—making people hear, understand, and remember it is vital to your success. We will help you develop the skills to optimize your media and presentation opportunities. Speaking to a large audience? To trade magazines or national newspapers? Reaching your audience through a TV talk show on CNN or through a blog? We will help you perfect the techniques you need to be the best you can be.

……………….…………………… is what we do best!.

You might need to prepare for editorial board meetings, speak to a Wall Street audience, or testify before legislative bodies and community meetings where critical approvals are needed. Under custom-designed scenarios that you will face in the real world, you will learn how to use your time and effort to the best possible advantage. If your target audience understands and remembers what you say, you will have succeeded in ways you never anticipated!