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What You Will Learn

Objective: The Media Training will enable you to think like a reporter and answer questions from the local and national news media, especially in times of crisis. You will also learn to:

  • Set a proactive strategy, convey your message and hold your ground in interviews.
  • Be credible and likable spokespersons.
  • Master the “sound bite” technique.
  • Anticipate and prepare for “ambush” interviews.
  • Understand the media mindset.
  • Face well-prepared, sometimes hostile journalists during in-depth interviews.
  • Handle a rapid volley of questions in a news conference or crisis.
  • Avoid being misquoted.

Objective: The Presentation Training will enable you to:

  • Communicate to audiences in the best manner possible, making the most out of a speech/presentation’s limited time.
  • Develop and deliver dynamic, attention-getting speeches from text or notes.
  • Develop your own style of delivery that capitalizes on personal strengths and characteristics.
  • Make nervous energy work for, not against you.
  • Understand what body language and facial expressions are saying to an audience.
  • Know when visual aids will strengthen presentations and how to develop and use them.
  • Structure or restructure speeches for maximum impact.
  • Respond to questions in a manner consistent with the presentation.
  • To provide individualized training for company spokespersons to testify before Congress and other legislative and regulatory bodies.

Objective: The Testimony Training will enable you to:

  • Organize information logically and concisely to present yourself credibly and convincingly.
  • Translate technical jargon into layman's language.
  • Master the protocols involved.
  • Dress appropriately for the situation (and for the TV cameras.)
  • Maintain the balance between respect for the forum and its participants, and hold your ground.
  • Know what body language and facial expressions are revealing and use them accordingly to reinforce the message.

Objective: Through our Financial Analyst Training, you will learn to present your company's profile to analysts and other important financial audiences. You will be able to:

  • Articulate in a clear, concise manner the details of the strategy, using body language and eye contact appropriately.
  • Speak simply, but effectively, and not use confusing jargon.
  • Use the opportunity to position your company the way that you want to be seen though analysts and the news media.
  • Stay sharp during long road show presentations, so that the first speech is as fresh as the one given three weeks later.